Joakim Poijo

My name is: Joakim Poijo
I come from: Gällivare, Sweden
I got drivers license : No
I look like: Stoned
My zodiac sign is: Gemini
If i could be an animal i would be: A bird
When i m grown up i want to be: Hippie
What i like about me: Im nice
What i dont like about me: Lazy
My darkest secret is: I did rollerblading
Love means to me : Everything
If i think about my family i think: I love them
My favorite dish is: Fruits
The things that are important in my life are: Be happy and free as posible
The question that others should ask me is: Lets go out and skate when it’s sunny outside
The question that i m asking myself is: How can i travel in space??