Sebastian Simon

My name is: Sébastien Simon
I come from: Toulouse France
I got drivers license : yes
I look like: Tahiti bob sometimes
My zodiac sign is: Lion
If i could be an animal i would be: a cat so i could chill aaaall day long
When i m grown up i want to be: an astronaut!Easy!
What i like about me: my motivation and optimism
What i dont like about me: my lazyness
My darkest secret is: The madness when i don't get a trick or a line,i must have hours of footages that i keep secret.
Love means to me: Enjoy together,sharing good vibration.
If i think about my family i think: Réunion island
My favorite dish is: “Le cari poulet“ dish from réunion island!
The things that are important in my life are: family,friends,traveling,music,food,drawing…
The question that others should ask me is:
What spot would you like to ride?
The question that i m asking myself is:
What spot will i skate tomorow?